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five finds: art edition

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— Jennifer Aniston on choosing art in THE BREAKUP

I must confess I am obsessed with art. Out of all the elements within a room that we pull items for, my favorite moment is when it comes down to finding the perfect artwork to complement a space. Abstract works tend to be my personal favorite due to their graphic nature and the ability for a color palette to really take center stage making it easy to include in a residential interior because the art can either be a subtle note in the background or a big punch that takes center stage depending on which way you want your interiors to read. We thought we'd share our favorite abstract artists who are making a huge splash in the design world right now and whose works we personally would love to have in our own homes. 

ADDIE CHAPIN - Originally a Georgia girl, Addie Chapin has been making waves for the last ten years with her gorgeous works that incorporate various textures, colors and compositions. As a self-taught artist she has worked hard to perfect her craft which is being received by private collectors all over the country. Addie currently resides in Chattanooga, TN and her artwork can be seen at REVIVAL HOME and most recently CIRCA ANTIQUES AND INTERIORS. Her unique use of layers in a graphic format are true gems and one of the many reasons why we love her!

SUSAN HABLE - The fun and beautifully quirky Susan Hable is the face behind the beautifully graphic and bold works that can be seen most notably at BUNGALOW CLASSIC in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Corsicana, TX, Susan has now made her home in Athens, GA and uses her surroundings and experience to inspire her choices in color and form. Susan's botanical series is one of our all-time favorites!

HOLLY ADDI - Truly one of a kind, Holly Addi is a master of mixed media artworks and paintings. Holly's paintings are perfectly suited to the discerning art collector as her works provide so much more than meets the eye. Per Holly, her works are an examination of architecture and living elements and she "creates intense personal moments masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles." Holly's work can currently be seen at GREGG IRBY GALLERY in Atlanta, GA and GALLERY 1930 in Birmingham, AL.

McKENZIE DOVE - With a truly unique form of painting, our friend McKenzie Dove is a true rising star in her craft. McKenzie's work is completed entirely with palette knives and the result is an impressive mixture of thick, layered texture and beautiful color palettes. Each painting is completed with painstaking precision and is a true prize to add to any interior. Inspired by interior design, architecture and nature, McKenzie's works can currently be seen at MAISON and GALLERY 1930 in Birmingham, AL.

BRIAN COLEMAN - Currently residing in Charlotte, NC, Brian Coleman has been an abstract artist for almost fifteen years. In that time, Brian has focused his emotions into developing mixed-media works that according to Brian - "reveal how he makes sense of the world as he moves through it." Focusing on his foundations in graphic design, Brian excels in creating works that make brilliant use of color, form and various media. Brian's works can currently be seen at THE GEORGE GALLERY in Charleston, SC and ANNE IRWIN FINE ART in Atlanta, GA.