Amanda Cooper Interiors


"FALL" Steam ahead


How are we almost on the last week of September? I cannot believe how fast this month flies by every year. I think it's due in part to the excitement of my birthday at the end of the month, but this month has flown by this year for sure due to our family getting hit with back to back illnesses for the last three weeks that everyone is still recovering from. Ugh! In my haste to get back to normal and with the uncontainable excitement for everyone's favorite time of the year, I started pulling some cozy and decidedly "fall" colors and textures together.

I love fall for the same reasons everyone else does ... the pumpkin spice lattes, the beautiful autumnal colors coming out in the trees, the crisp and clean fall air, but I think my favorite reason to love this season is the cozy feeling it brings out in people. Of course, everyone starts reaching for the soft sweaters at night, layering under blankets in the cool air and the like, but it's the feeling of holidays and the cheerfulness that everyone starts experiencing that really gets me. From this moment on, the rest of the year is always a blur with holiday events, football games, etc but that blur makes me happy because everyone seems to be in the absolute best mood! Don't get me wrong, I know everyone up north loves when spring and summer come around to get rid of those winter blues, but it's the promise of a fresh start in the fall and the feeling of community that seems to well up in everyone that makes me smile. It's like everyone has more of a spring in their step, a smile on their face and not a care to be had when fall comes around.

I'm truly hoping that this good-natured feeling sticks around for a while as I feel like everyone could use a bit of good spirits after the onset of hurricanes, political antics and general unpleasantness that has been taking place in our country this year. I mean, who could not be cheerful when it's finally time for the best tradition of all ... watching "You've Got Mail". It'd be a shame to miss New York (or any place, really) in the fall!