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Color Story: Boys' Room Blues

art is the only place you can do what you like. that’s freedom.
— paula rego

I am so excited that our blog is finally up and running! We are really looking forward to sharing photographs from behind-the-scenes on our projects, what inspires us, products we are loving and insightful thoughts and tips you can apply to your own home. We hope you keep tuning in weekly to see what inspires us and makes us so excited and passionate to be in this business!

As designers we are taught to appreciate all forms and periods of art, styles of design and architecture as well as furniture. Despite my best attempts to remain a neutral party in order to adeptly apply any design style to a space for our clients sometimes there are colors, genres, styles, etc that I tend to personally be more drawn to than others. For me, I find myself naturally drawn closer to the cool end of the color spectrum. I absolutely adore grays, blues, greens, and even bright whites and blacks and these usually tend to be my failsafe go-to color palettes even in my own home. In terms of patterns and textures I tend to choose more decidedly masculine rather than delicate and feminine.

As long as I can remember I have shied away from more "girly" colors and details and while I try not to let that personal choice reflect too much in my work (after all we design spaces for our clients and not for ourselves) sometimes I can't help getting extra excited when I have a space to work on that is more "me" in terms of color palette, choice of furniture style, architectural details, etc. A project that possesses these elements is when I am especially on my game. I think the comfort factor that comes from being more connected to a design is what makes it especially fun for me. Case in point is this darling boys' room we are pulling schemes for. I think what draws me to the more masculine details is how fresh, modern and easy-going they are and in a way that reflects my own personality. I have been eagerly waiting to work on a home that has a modern farmhouse feel to it and this design scheme has been in the back of my mind for just such a project. 

We hope you stay tuned to see this project progress and that you stick around for more fun spaces coming soon. We also appreciate any and all feedback and hope you connect with us through the comments section as we would love to hear what you think! XX - Amanda