Amanda Cooper Interiors


Amanda Cooper Interiors (ACI) specializes in architectural consultations and furnishings for both whole home and renovation projects as well as custom furniture design and specification. ACI is committed to making the entire process as seamless and effortless for the client as possible.


Principle designer + FOUNDER

amanda cooper

Amanda Cooper has spent the last decade honing her skills with tutelage under various top-notch designers throughout the Southeast working in both residential construction and commercial design. This penchant for the art of interiors led her to open the doors of her own full-service residential design firm which is based out of Birmingham, Alabama. Her firm's focus is on classically clean, modern interiors that are layered yet well edited, comfortable yet elegant and luxurious yet practical. 

With years of experience and study, Amanda has developed a design aesthetic that perfectly marries modern and traditional elements in a timeless way. Texture, balance and a soothing color palette are all hallmarks of her designs and are evident throughout her body of work. 

Constantly drawing inspiration from travels to London, Chicago and along the East coast has helped develop a backdrop for the interiors Amanda delights in creating and further influences her passion to interact and collaborate with clients on a deeper level. It's this very insight into various cultures co-existing around the world that spurred Amanda into the belief that every home should be a beautiful manifestation of the dwellers within.